Top Apps for CRE Professionals

May 29, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

Technology is making life easier. Gone are the days of having to wait until you were back at the office to get a signature, approval or even just a status report. These apps can make your workflow and work life smoother.

General Use


Scheduling meetings with supervisors, staff or property managers can be a production. Who is free? When are they free? What is the agenda? Amy serves as your personal assistant. This AI technology schedules meetings for you. It can use your calendar, Slack or email inbox to take the back and forth out of your daily responsibility.

The News Funnel

Part of being the best in the business is knowing what the business is doing. The News Funnel gives you up to date CRE news on the go. You can personalize it and even upload your company’s press releases, blogs or videos. It is the largest content platform in the real estate business and a great way to stay on top of new projects and industry trends.


Filling out expense reports for jobs and travel can be time-consuming and confusing. Expensify takes all the work for you. This app tracks receipts and manages expenses and can even automatically submit expenses for approval. This is great for emergency scenarios, field work and even personal use. Your company doesn’t even have to use Expensify for you to send them reports and documents.


If you have ever received an invoice on the go and want to make sure it ends up in the digital vault, Scannable will put your worries to bed. Scannable allows mobile document uploads on the go. No longer must you wait to get to an office to scan a document, you can do it on site, on the go and in the field. Need to send a receipt to an accountant? Done. Need an invoice to go to the chief engineer? Also done. Want to send someone’s business card to yourself for later? It’s already in your email.

The Job Site


For facilities and maintenance management, this is where you go. This app lets you take a picture of broken equipment, make a work order and schedule the repair in one fell swoop. It also lets you assign work orders, manage asset history and create preventative and scheduled maintenance. It syncs across all devices, so wherever you go, you are logged in to your building.


Gone are the days of making carbon copies of blueprints. Now, you can share them on your phone. PlanGrid allows for easy collaboration on building plans, punch lists and documents ensuring seamless communication. With the ability to generate an as-built in one click, this app makes sure projects run smoothly and everyone is in the know.


Safety and risk are always a worry on a job site. If you can’t be on the site yourself, it is hard not to worry about a crew. FallSafety allows people to alert emergency contacts when there is a safety risk, tell their superior they are ok if they have fallen or encountered a risk and set up daily reminders about safety practices. It has multiple different versions depending on crew size.


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