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Commercial Real Estate Insight Journal, 2023 Special Issue

The 2023 CRE Insight Journal Special Issue showcases the best of the best in commercial real estate. Join this year’s CRE Insight Journal Award winners as they discuss the evolution of tenant care in CRE, how to develop sustainable programs at your property, the importance of inclusive pathways, the future of CRE, and much more in this special issue of CRE Insight Journal.

2022 ENERGY STAR Content Guide

The 2022 ENERGY STAR Content Guide features articles on the impact, adoption, and cost of EV chargers in CRE, the importance of sustainability in commercial real estate, how you can snowball operational savings into properties, CRE acronyms and terms, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Landscaping Guide, 2022

The 2022 Landscaping Guide from CRE Insight Journal is a resource for commercial real estate professionals as they consider the design and implementation of indoor and outdoor green spaces for the future of the real estate industry.

Commercial Real Estate Insight Journal, 2022 Special Issue

The 2022 CRE Insight Journal Special Issue covers the value of continuing education in commercial real estate, the importance and benefits of building certifications, the evolution of e-commerce, fall protection in the workplace, and more. As always, stay insightful!

Prop Tech and Cybersecurity Guide, 2022

This Proptech and Cybersecurity Guide from CRE Insight Journal curates a special collection of articles, videos, webinars, and other resources that equip industry professionals with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively lead their organizations and properties into the future.

Building the Future of CRE, 2021 Special Issue

The 2021 Special Issue is all about progress and building. From construction considerations to generating support for CRE advocacy, this issue of CRE Insight Journal focuses on progress. The articles inside cover topics such as budgeting, infection control during constructing, structural considerations and water treatment strategies for reopening.

The Tenant Experience Guide, 2021

The tenant experience has always been at the center of commercial real estate and property management. Over the past few years, the tenant experience has changed. From incorporating more live-work-play amenities to the evolving safety and comfort considerations brought on by the pandemic, the tenant experience is still at the forefront of the conversation. The Tenant Experience Guide explores different questions and challenges real estate professionals may be facing. As tenants navigate their relationship to their physical office space, and many continue their return, the commercial real estate industry is faced with new questions, many of which surround the future of physical spaces.


The Guide to Finding the Next in Commercial Real Estate, 2021

This new guide is meant to aid commercial real estate professionals in their quest to find their next hire, build their culture, and expand their skillset. It is filled with articles and links to videos from experts across the industry about what is important today and what will be important tomorrow. This guide is a continuation of CRE Insight Journal’s commitment to serving the real estate industry by providing deep dives and actionable resources on the most pressing issues facing our industry.

Evolving Workforce Guide, 2020

The workforce that we see today is entirely different than the workforce 50 years ago. It looks different than the workforce even just five years ago. The face of commercial real estate is changing, and real estate professionals at all levels have a part to play in nurturing and navigating through that change. This guide tackles several workforce development challenges the commercial real estate is facing while also exploring areas for growth. The Evolving Workforce guide is meant to be a resource for all professionals to support them on their journey to preparing their organization for the future.

Guide to Building Operations, Management and Finance in the New Normal, 2020

This digital guide from CRE Insight Journal explores the present state of the commercial real estate industry and what challenges property professionals are facing as they plan for the future. The “new normal” caused by the global pandemic has brought on many questions, especially during budget season. This guide is meant to connect commercial real estate professionals across the industry with the information and ideas they need to navigate this unprecedented time. Read about budgeting tips, team care and hear from the industry professionals about their considerations for the future.

The Road Ahead: Entering Our New Normal, 2020 Special Issue

This CRE Insight Journal special issue contains an expansive range of topics. From exterior maintenance and landscaping to online learning and communications changes due to COVID-19. In this issue, experts in the field provide innovative and engaging insights on a wide range of issues facing the CRE industry. This special issue is not about looking back or returning to what we once were. The issue is about moving forward and forging a new path. It is about taking the knowledge we have gained over the past few months and applying it to a newer, brighter future for the industry.