Emily Anderson with Lillibridge Healthcare Services Named a 10 to Watch

November 6, 2023 | By: CRE Insight Journal

Emily Anderson, General Manager with Lillibridge Healthcare Services in Dallas, Texas, has been selected by CRE Insight Journal as one of the 10 to Watch in commercial real estate. The CRE Insight Journal 10 to Watch program recognizes the commercial real estate industry’s top early career professionals and showcases how emerging professionals are shaping the real estate industry through a variety of career pathways.

Improving Her Portfolio

At Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Anderson oversees a 368,065 square foot portfolio of medical offices in Dallas, Texas. She has also gained experience managing more than 500,000 square feet of properties that extends beyond Texas to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

“One of the favorite aspects of my role is making our tenants happy,” Anderson said. “We do this by hosting creative tenant events, such as holiday decorating contests, holiday breakfasts, themed goody bags for Doctors’ Day and Nurses’ week, ice cream socials and more. In addition, we ensure we are meeting our tenants’ needs by utilizing an online work order system and by ensuring we outperform company required metrics by reducing work order resolution times.”

Anderson’s work has indeed kept tenants happy. In fact, as general manager, she has increased tenant satisfaction by 36%, which has also resulted in increased occupancy and reduced tenant move outs. These efforts have also gained industry recognition through tenant satisfaction awards. In 2021, Anderson’s team earned the Kingsley Most Improved Award and the Kingsley Top Quartile Award. In 2022, they earned another Top Quartile Award from Kingsley.

Anderson’s role at Lillibridge Healthcare Services continues to grow and as it does, she remains focused on operational excellence.

“Recently, my portfolio expanded, which resulted in increased responsibilities and an expanded team,” Anderson said. “Working smarter has been the key to our team’s success. By creating systems for easier access to information and increasing team collaboration through Microsoft Teams, we have been able to resolve issues faster.”

Impacting The Community and Environment

Outside of the commercial real estate industry, Anderson is a steadfast supporter of charities and her local school system. She has participated in several 5K walks, benefiting autism awareness and cancer research, and she has taught the importance of native plants at local schools in her community.

“Recently, I volunteered at an elementary school where I taught a lesson on the Milkweed plant, the only host plant for our decreasing population of Monarch butterflies,” Anderson said. “After I taught the lesson on host plants, I provided students with native milkweed seeds to take home. We then set up a seedling starter kit. The children were able to gather in small groups where they asked questions about native plants, milkweeds and elaborated on their knowledge of Monarchs and plants.”

Environmental stewardship is often on Anderson’s mind, and it is one of the cornerstones of her volunteer efforts.

“One of my passions is growing pollinator gardens,” she said. “Not only are they beautiful, but they provide a much-needed food source for local insects and birds. Food sources for pollinators are dwindling as their natural habitats are destroyed for commercial and residential development. When new houses are built, non-native plants and lawns are installed.”

Anderson is also active in the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Greater Dallas. She was also previously an active member of BOMA Knoxville, where she served as a member of the Board of Directors, as communications chair, and as secretary.

Anderson also served as president of her homeowners’ association from 2017 to 2018 and was a member of the National Association of REALTORS from 2012 to 2015.

Tenants and the Community

Prior to joining Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Anderson served as a Leasing Consultant for Colonial Village Apartments, where she showed and leased apartments in a 500-unit apartment complex. There, she managed tenant relations, maintained high referral rates, and her properties achieved a 98-percent or higher occupancy rate.

Throughout her career, Anderson has proven to be a tenant-focused professional, driving high satisfaction rates, and providing industry-leading service at the properties she serves. Her service also extends beyond her portfolio to positively impact her community. In fact, she maintains a special focus on the wider view of how a property impacts the community.

“When a property improves its value, it also increases the property taxes it pays to our local community,” Anderson said. “In addition to property tax revenue, each local management team plays a role in making a positive impact on our community. This year, our team gathered donations of medical supplies from our tenants and donated them to local medical charities with a tenant’s assistance.”

Anderson and her team are also looking to build upon their current community service efforts and find new ways to engage with the local community.

“When tenants leave behind supplies and furniture, we partner with a removal service that donates whatever is still usable to the local community,” Anderson said. “In addition to donating items to the local community, we hosted Earth Day events for recycling and created a pollinator garden at our property. Electronic recycling and shredding events were held where our tenants, neighboring businesses and a local senior living facility were invited to participate. We were successful in recycling 356 lbs. of electronic waste, an improvement over the prior year’s event. In 2024, we plan to invite local communities and residents to participate and expect our collection efforts to continue to make a positive impact on landfill waste.”

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