Dress the Part: Building Engineer

November 13, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

From the office to the property, building engineers must fit into a lot of environments. When you can be fixing a broken chiller one minute and in a meeting about building plans the other, it can be hard to find the right balance and uniform for the day-to-day of a building engineer. While you can’t change a mandated uniform from a company, there are a few ways to make sure you are always looking the part. 

Fit is everything. If your company gives you a shirt, make sure to try on a sample first. A shirt that is too small can hinder movement and comfort and one that is too big may look unprofessional when talking to tenants. If you are buying your own shirts be sure to have a range of appropriate options. Save the polos and the company shirts for the trade shows and meetings, while the more comfortable or loose shirts can be used on the job.  

Professionalism and safety are key factors when dressing for a work day. A building engineer represents their company, so it should be a positive image. Making sure you only wear your uniform at work and tucking in your shirt are easy ways to show professionalism. From a safety standpoint, long jewelry and multiple things hanging from your belt can get in the way. This goes for facial hair as well. Keeping it trimmed is both more professional and safe.  

A pair of good shoes can make or break a day. They are also a safety precaution. Finding shoes that can last all day and through multiple environments can make a real difference in presentation and comfort. Steel-toed boots can be expensive but last a long time while keeping your feet safe during maintenance. If water-proof footwear is important, try to look for something that is rubber. You may also want to opt for a more formal loafer for networking and professional settings. Above all, break them in as fast as possible and make sure they offer you proper support when you buy them.  

Phone. Keys. Wallet. This is a checklist to run through your head before you leave any location. For a building engineer, this may need to be a longer list: Phone. Keys. Company Truck Keys. Walkie Talkie. Tool Belt. On-Call Phone. Wallet. Create your list and make sure you run through it before leaving the property, house or office. Don’t keep heavy things in your shirt pocket as it will sag. Being prepared and organized can really make a difference to an employer.  

The philosophy for dressing to be a building engineer is to keep your wardrobe as adaptable as you are. Have a mix of business casual, a suit for certain professional situations, khakis for the workday, jeans for casual Friday or if things get messy and maybe even a couple of spares in the care for emergencies. Being a building engineer means wearing a lot of different hats and its important to give each hat the right outfit. 


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