Top Ten CRE Insight Journal Videos of 2021

December 16, 2021 | By: CRE Insight Journal

The Basics on MERV-13 Filters

With air filtration and indoor air quality being a top concern of many property professionals, more people have been wondering about the MERV-13 filters. In this video, Bill Palmer, president of Aeromed and a member of the National Air Filtration Association, gives a breakdown of MERV-13 filters, their use and their efficiency.

What Property Professionals Should Know about Germicidal UV

There have been a lot of new technologies that have come to the surface when property professionals discuss air quality. Germicidal UV is one of them, but many people have questions about what it is, how it works and what applications there are for it in a commercial space. In this video, AeroMed President Bill Palmer with the National Air Filtration Association breaks down Germicidal UV and what people need to know.

Tools for Making Tenants Feel Safe and Welcome

As tenants return to their buildings and new information regarding COVID-19 continues to be researched, it is important for property professionals to be the first line of information concerning their property. In this video, Kinsey Hinkson with Granite Properties explains the tactics her organization has used to make tenants feel safe returning to the building. By using honesty and research, property managers can ensure that their tenants understand all of the protocols and processes involved with re-entry.

The Evolution of Commercial Real Estate

As chair-elect of BOMA International and with almost 25 years of experience in commercial real estate, Mark Dukes with Physicians Realty Trust has seen a range of cycles in the industry. In this video, he talks about the changes he has seen and the trends he believes will take priority in the near future. Dukes also discusses how his own perspective has changed and what factors will go into the CRE of the future.

Cybersecurity Threats for CRE

The best way to combat a potential cybersecurity threat is preparation and education. In this video, Director of Cybersecurity Fred Gordy with Intelligent Buildings, LLC walks through different types of cybersecurity threats and which ones CRE professionals should be aware of. He also goes into detail about the severity of each threat and offers helpful tips for how to avoid a potential attack.

Breaking Down BOMA 360

The BOMA 360 Performance Program can set a property apart from another, but what are the other benefits? In this video, Director of the BOMA 360 Program Joel Corley explains how pursuing this label can affect a team, strengthen knowledge of a building and be especially important in a post-pandemic industry.

Staying Current with Fire and Life Safety Requirements

For property managers across all property types, keeping up with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) regulations can be a challenge. Similarly, there can be confusion about NFPA vs. Authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) rules and requirements and which codes to follow. In this video, Jeff Morrison with International Fire Protection, Inc. explains the best ways to keep up with changing regulations and highlights the major rules and requirements to look out for in the NFPA’s most recent update.

Tenant Communication, The Lease and 2021

The next year is going to include new conversations with tenants surrounding the lease and operating expenses. In this video, Marc Fischer gives his advice on how to prepare for those conversations and what the best steps are going forward in terms of tenant communication.

The Effect of a New Asset in a Community

When entering a new community, residents may have questions of perceptions on the effects that property will have on the neighborhood. In this video, Todd Mitchell with Bridge Commercial Real Estate talks about how a new asset can better the community around it and how property managers can communicate with their new neighbors.

Building Benchmarking with Constance Hodges

In the journey to energy efficiency and a high ENERGY STAR® score, benchmarking is an essential step. In this video, Constance Hodges with Cousins Properties, details how ENERGY STAR® benchmarking can enhance your building and give you a leg up over the competition.


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