Top Articles and Videos of 2020

January 1, 2021 | By: Molly Looman

Top Articles of 2020

Engaging Your Virtual Team

Transitioning a team from daily office sightings to the virtual world was a new challenge for many professionals. However, with the help of technology, we were able to adjust our morning meetings.

Not Enough Time in the Day: Time Management Strategy Tips

Too often, professionals feel like they need four copies of them to complete daily tasks and responsibilities. In 2020, it felt like those responsibilities were changing all the time.

Gradual Rise: Responsible Operations while Increasing Building Utilization

Over the past several months, we have seen different levels of capacity across properties. This article from one of our guides helped professionals navigate some of the pitfalls of re-opening.

Being a Successful Virtual Learner

In a year of firsts, everyone became a student again learning new technologies and new ways of working. However, going back to the classroom looked a lot different.

Top Videos of 2020

Operational Savings in a Time of Low Census Webinar

Sudden decreased occupancy rates in the spring meant a lot of questions for those operating a building. This webinar sought to help professionals make the most of their low census properties.

Managing the Tenant-Customer Experience During COVID-19 Webinar

Communication has been an imperative during the past year. While the tenant relationship will continue to evolve, the building blocks in this webinar serve as a great basis for any communications plan.

The Business Case for Sustainability- Don Erb

While problem solving around COVID-19 certainly dominated our daily lives, sustainability was still a big goal of many property professionals. This interview talks about how to look at the long term when it comes to staying green and the budget.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality Webinar

What is a MERV-13 filter? How much outside air is enough? I have heard of using UV, but what does it actually do? This webinar with NAFA is a one stop shop for your air quality questions.


Top Publications of 2020

The Evolving Workforce Guide

This guide tackles several workforce development challenges the commercial real estate is facing while also exploring areas for growth. The Evolving Workforce guide is meant to be a resource for all professionals to support them on their journey to preparing their organization for the future.

The Guide to Building Operations, Management and Finance in the New Normal

The “new normal” caused by the global pandemic has brought on many questions, especially during budget season. This guide is meant to connect commercial real estate professionals across the industry with the information and ideas they need to navigate this unprecedented time. Read about budgeting tips, team care and hear from the industry professionals about their considerations for the future.

The O+M Special Issue

In this issue, experts in the field provide innovative and engaging insights on a wide range of issues facing the CRE industry. This special issue is not about looking back or returning to what we once were. The issue is about moving forward and forging a new path. It is about taking the knowledge we have gained over the past few months and applying it to a newer, brighter future for the industry.