Put That in Your Trophy Case! Recognizing Exceptional Work 

October 30, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

When Oscar winners accept their awards on stage, they always say that they were never in it for the award; They say they were in it for the work. While this may be an honest statement, isn’t it nice to win an award?  

Building engineers may operate in the background, but the work they do is essential to the operation of a building. There are plenty of ways a building engineer can be a part of an award-winning team or win and award of their own.  They should take into consideration the noble notions of Oscar winners, but if an engineer does want to win an award, there are a few considerations.

The first is knowing the options. Understanding what awards exist and what their expectations are allow building engineers to have a sense of where they are aiming. BOMA gives out a building engineer of the year award and the property TOBY awards include the work done by building engineers.  

Some building engineers may feel they don’t need an award to prove they’re doing a good job but the recognition is encouraging. An award win or nomination can incite career growth and bring attention to their knowledge and skill set. No matter whether you apply for the award yourself or are recognized by your company, it is a positive opportunity. 

Beyond awards that specifically honor the building engineer themselves, there is a whole host of building awards. Many of the judging standards for those awards are based on the systems that building and maintenance professionals improve and maintain. Building engineers have a lot of opportunity to be a part of a greater team aiming to win an award.  

For example, BOMA’s TOBY awards require a building inspection to be eligible. The upkeep and operation of almost all the spaces inspected are looked after by building engineers and maintenance professionals. If you know your property management company is looking to apply for an award, ask how you can best serve the group effort.  


Michael Knox, SMA® LEED GA®
Chief Maintenance Engineer
Highwoods Properties