April 2, 2024 | By: CRE Insight Journal

Executive Park, managed by Lincoln Property Company, received the 2023 Excellence in Tenant Care Award from CRE Insight Journal. The award recognizes a building for excellence in tenant care, including health and wellbeing, communications, tenant engagement, and/or other activities that express care for building tenants. 

Executive Park is managed by Lincoln Property Company on behalf of Emory University. The property sits on 90 acres of land and serves a mixture of commercial office tenants and medical clinical tenants in a vastly developing area of Brookhaven.  

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Lincoln Property Company is a top manager and developer of office, industrial, retail, and mixed-use properties in major global markets with over 3,200 employees worldwide and over 35 corporate offices. Founded in 1965, Lincoln is a leading, trusted advisor for occupiers across industries.  

Tenant Care

Lincoln Property Company partners with Emory University to provide a safe and positive environment for all tenants at Executive Park. Several tenants are in a medical clinical setting and have frequent visitors and/or patients each day. Therefore, the property aims to keep each building clean, safe, and easily accessible. Executive Park’s tenant care initiative is constantly evolving as tenants’ needs change while constantly prioritizing efforts in a few key areas. One of these top priorities is upgrading and optimizing building systems and common areas to lower operating expenses and participating in Environmental Social Governance strategies. 

Executive Park was built in the 1960s and 1970s. The team has worked diligently throughout recent years to update the buildings and make them as energy efficient as possible. The property has installed high quality air filters and completes regular cleaning of standard HVAC equipment and cooling towers. Periodically, common areas and some tenant spaces receive lighting retrofits and installation of the most energy-efficient lighting. In recognition of Earth Day every April, tenants are highly encouraged to participate in a weekend “blackout,” shutting down as many electronics as possible. Also, Executive Park optimizes energy efficiency weekly by not running the HVAC on weekends unless requested. 

Executive Park hosts many events throughout the year to show appreciation for tenants. The team delivers treats to tenants monthly on their anniversary in appreciation for their continued tenancy. Occasionally, the property also hosts pop-up lobby events with a lemonade stand, coffee and donuts, or the opportunity to participate in a game of trivia for a chance to win a gift card.  

“We don’t always need a holiday or a special day to have an event,” Amanda McCallum, Senior Property Manager at Lincoln Property Company. “We take the opportunities we can to bring people together, have face time and get to know our tenants.” added   

Executive Park also highly encourages participation in local charity events, extending the Tenant Touch program to the community.  

Program Impact 

By implementing multiple building system upgrades, Executive Park is able to present a more energy efficient building on a daily basis and utilize ESG strategies to reduce the property’s carbon footprint. The team consistently strives to add value by performing some work “in house” to lower the cost for the owner and reduce operating expenses for tenants. Also, by partnering with the best allied members in the business, they can get reasonable rates while receiving great service and products. 

Implementation of a high-quality security program has been vital to the success of Executive Park’s tenant care program. Since bringing on 24/7 security, utilizing the checkpoint app throughout the property, and upgrading the camera system, the property has been able to cover more ground. The team has created key relationships with the local police department and other officials to ensure the property and surrounding community remain safe. 

“We try to notice trends and stay ahead of them before something becomes a problem,” Amanda explained. “We take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach, which tenants really appreciate. It opens a line of communication so that they feel comfortable coming to us with anything that they need.” 

Tenant appreciation events at Executive Park have worked to create a fun environment for tenants and provide an enjoyable break during a busy day. The consistency and creativity of the property’s Tenant Touch program led to a significant increase in participation.  

Through its various ESG strategies, tenant appreciation initiatives, community impact, safety and security tactics, and open tenant communication, Executive Park, managed by Lincoln Property Company, has received the 2023 Excellence in Tenant Care Award from CRE Insight Journal. 


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