ENERGY STAR® Certification Nation Update

June 6, 2022 | By: CRE Insight Journal

In 2014, ENERGY STAR® celebrated its 15-year anniversary through the first Certification Nation campaign. In honor of the ENERGY STAR program’s 30th anniversary, ENERGY STAR has opened a new Certification Nation campaign for 2022.

Certification Nation

This program recognizes groups who certify multiple buildings in 2022. This campaign applies to property management groups, owners, third-party certifiers, utilities, associations, and anyone else involved in the ENERGY STAR certification process. To qualify for this campaign, organizations must have at least five certified buildings but participants are not required to be ENERGY STAR partners.  Both building owners and managers and service partners who aid in the certification can receive credit for it. In some circumstances, buildings can be counted twice for owners and managers.

“If you own and building and another company manages it, both companies can claim that building towards their total,” explains the ENERGY STAR Certification Nation homepage.

This campaign is only offered in 2022 as a celebration of ENERGY STAR’S 30th anniversary. Participants receive a unique mark depending on the number of properties certified and will receive recognition on the Certification Nation Leaderboard. The deadline for submission to the Certification Nation campaign is March 3rd, 2023.

Leading the Charge

There are multiple levels of the Certification Nation recognition. For the “Member” recognition, you must certify five or more commercial buildings or industrial properties in 2022 and participants will receive a listing in the ENERGY STAR website as well as a digital badge that can be used on marketing materials and more.

The “Premier Member” recognition requires certification of fifteen or more buildings during 2022 and they will receive a website listing, a digital badge, and a personalized letter from the director of the EPA’s Climate Partnership Programs.

The “Executive Member” distinction involves certification of fifty or more buildings in 2022. Executive Members will receive a listing on the ENERGY STAR website as well as a digital badge and a personalized letter from a senior EPA official that will be mailed in 2023.

The highest recognition is the “Elite Member” which requires the certification of 150 or more buildings or plants during 2022. Elite Members will receive an ENERGY STAR website listing, a digital badge, a personalized letter from a senior EPA official to be mailed in 2023, and inclusion in an EPA press release.

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification is a great way to display your building’s excellence, and the new Certification Nation mark will show how committed your portfolio is to sustainability and efficiency. Apply today to this exciting campaign from ENERGY STAR.


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