Three Construction Management Tips for O+M Professionals 

June 15, 2020 | By: Molly Looman


A new build can mean a lot of questions for operations and maintenance professionals on the team. With property managers showing the property at different times and the state of the project always changing, there are a lot of roles an O+M professional can fill.  

Here are a few tips on how to be an effective and insightful member of the construction management team.  

 1. Know Your Architect 

As projects progress, the property changes. New systems are being installed at different times and rooms begin to take shape that were once only viewable in a rendering. However, you can always bet on things changing whether it be schedules, configurations, or placement of a system. Getting to know the architect, or at least having check-ins, will let you know your building better when it is built. 

Situations occur where a system, entrance or layout needs to change. It is important as an O+M professional to be privy to those changes when they happen. Getting to know the architect lets an O+M professional see the building from a different perspective and get a better idea of how the systems will work together as a whole.  


2. Know Your Property Manager 

During the time of construction, your property manager and leasing agents are going to be giving tours and visiting the site. It is important for their job and yours that you communicate with those on the property management side. 

Property managers need the property in the best state it can be when they are touring potential tenants. The elevator tracks need to be working. There needs to be clean pathways to walk through. They need to have access to all relevant buildings and amenities. This is where building engineers and property managers need to be working in concert.  

If a property manager and a building engineer are communicating effectively, then the property will be looking its best at the right times and both parties will have added value to the project.  


3. Know Your Building 

Every O+M professional should know their building inside and out. This is especially important when it comes to construction. As the property is being built and as systems are going into place, the O+M professionals involved should be well versed on it all.  

They should study construction drawings, know their building standards, and learn how this property will operate once it is fully built and filled with people. 

Not only does this help preemptively prepare for problems and repairs, but it will allow the staff handling the building to go out the gate running. The more work done during the construction process means less surprises once the property is built.