Shelby Christensen Shares What Excites Her Most about Her Year Ahead Serving as 2020-2021 BOMA International Chair and Chief Elected Officer

Advocacy, Healthy Buildings, Leadership

July 7, 2020 | By: Shelby Christensen

Sponsored by Full Circle Restoration. BOMA International’s 2020-2021 Chair and Chief Elected Officer Shelby Christensen shares what excites her most about the year ahead for the commercial real estate industry. In this video, Shelby shares the successes BOMA has already had in providing resources and information to the real estate industry during the pandemic. Based on industry feedback, she also gives a hint of some exciting new projects that will be produced over the next year to better serve the industry. BOMA remains a leader in the real estate industry by providing timely information, additional tools, a powerful professional network, and a voice for real estate professionals at all levels of government. Get more involved at

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