Preparing for Budget Season? Gain the Competitive Edge

July 9, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

With budget season approaching and the hiring market getting more competitive, companies need to be as prepared as possible. Being prepared means having proper research and a good pulse on the trends in the industry. The BOMA Georgia Foundation has created tools to help you get the edge.

With an unemployment rate of just under four percent, some may consider it a candidate’s market when it comes to hiring. Whether looking to bring new members to the team or keep the current ones, maintaining competitive salaries and benefits is important. Being competitive is hard if you don’t know what the industry trends are. The BOMA Georgia Foundation’s 2018-2019 Salary and Benefits Survey has compiled the extensive data needed to create the most accurate and market-competitive payroll budget you can.

The BOMA Georgia Foundation has done the work of researching various property management and building engineers to compile the most comprehensive survey results including standardized titles and job descriptions. In order to properly sell your company to incoming applicants, you want to make sure you fit the benchmark.

More information is always better. The 2018-19 Metro-Atlanta Property Management and Building Engineering Salary and Benefits Survey can also be purchased as part of a bundle. Add on the 2016-2017 survey to get even more information about industry trends concerning compensation. The survey also can be bundled with 2016 Metro-Atlanta Staffing Ratio Study that gives a view of the workloads of personnel in commercial office buildings.

Performing industry-wide research is time-consuming and expensive. The BOMA Georgia Foundation has done it to provide the opportunity for companies to be as aware and competitive as possible in today’s aggressive job market. Bundle and save or dive right into the 2018-19 Metro-Atlanta Property Management and Building Engineering Salary and Benefits Survey to get all the information you need to make next year’s budget.

Bundles and Surveys can be found here: