ENERGY STAR Month Has Begun

October 3, 2023 | By: CRE Insight Journal

ENERGY STAR Month is here.

CRE Insight Journal is proud to promote and encourage the ENERGY STAR ideals. ENERGY STAR is a program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and it is one of the most important and impactful tools for building managers and owners. ENERGY STAR Benchmarking is the primary program used for building energy consumption benchmarking.

Last year, CRE Insight Journal did deep dives into daylighting, the ENERGY STAR mindset, EV chargers, reinvesting savings, the impact of the ENERGY STAR program on CRE, and much more.

This October, CRE Insight Journal will release articles each week covering a wide range of ENERGY STAR topics, such as building sustainability programs, changes in ENERGY STAR, emerging technologies, and more. These articles will aid and refresh commercial real estate professionals on ENERGY STAR programs.

ENERGY STAR is an important tool in improving building operational efficiency, operational cost savings, and overall environmental sustainability. CRE Insight Journal is proud to work with ENERGY STAR to promote cost efficient design.

For a full look at CRE Insight Journal’s past ENERGY STAR Month campaigns, you can read through the 2022 ENERGY STAR Content Guide or the 2021 ENERGY STAR Content Guide now.

Learn what ENERGY STAR will do for you.

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