CRE and the Bee

June 21, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

Bees buzzing around can help the garden, but can it help a commercial real estate asset’s bottom line? A new free white paper from BOMA Georgia and the BOMA Georgia Foundation outlines how the commercial real estate industry should be looking into urban beekeeping.  

The free research outlines how companies that have placed hives on their properties have seen valuable returns. The report highlights several companies and their strategies regarding beekeeping and tenant relations. The overall result has been positive, and each company lays out their strategy and use of the beehives as it relates to tenant amenities and environmental concerns.  

Not only does this report touch on the positive effect bees can have on a property, but on the environment as well. With bees dying at an alarming rate, this paper tracks the issues bees have faced and how the movement to urban beekeeping is a step in the right direction. This paper includes information necessary to protecting the current bee population and fostering in new ones.  

Beyond the reasons surrounding a movement to urban beekeeping, this research outlines the steps needed to start a hive, maintain a hive and inform tenants about the hive.  

The paper includes quick facts about bees and their hives along with facts about sustainability practices regarding bees. In addition, for those that wish to continue their research on urban beekeeping, there are resources listed.  

This research was compiled and produced collaboratively by both BOMA Georgia and the BOMA Georgia Foundation. The paper is free and available for download at