2023 Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit Highlights Available Now

May 23, 2023 | By: CRE Insight Journal

The U.S. Department of Energy has released recordings, presentations, and highlights from the Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit held on April 11 – 13. This annual summit featured over 60 presentations and interactive sessions covering decarbonization, electric vehicles, electrification, sector meetups, and much more. Over 150 speakers shared how their organizations are moving forward.

The annual Better Building, Better Plants Summit brings partners and other key stakeholders together for an opportunity to explore the latest and greatest strategies for decarbonization, and energy, water, and waste reduction. Attendees took part in interactive sessions with thought leaders and industry experts.

The U.S. DOE’s Better Building Initiative is a partnership of more than 900 commercial, public, residential, and industrial organizations who share and discuss their proven energy efficiency strategies and propel their industries forward. The DOE releases an annual progress report each year through the Better Buildings and Better Plants Program.

These organizations have saved 13.7 billion gallons of water and a collective 2.5 quadrillion Btus of energy since the start of the program, equivalent to 155 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and $15.3 billion in energy savings. Better Building Initiative partners represent 13-percent of commercial building space, 14-percent of the U.S. manufacturing footprint, 10 of the top 25 U.S. employers, 35 of the country’s Fortune 100 companies, and over 100 state and local governments.

The 2023 Summit hosted a wealth of knowledge, insights, and innovation, and the DOE has released recording and presentations from the summit at the below links:

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