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  • Advocacy Advocacy Days: Planning January 10, 2022 | By: Owen Kavanagh Advocacy days are key events that allow individuals and shared interest groups to lobby legislators directly. Associations, non-profits, businesses, and concerned citizens use them to let their representatives hear their [...]
  • Advocacy The Function of Advocacy in CRE October 6, 2021 | By: Todd Mitchell There are multiple ways CRE professionals can practice effective advocacy. In this video, Todd Mitchell with Bridge Commercial Real Estate discusses the different ways advocacy can play in the CRE industry and what ways [...]
  • Design & Construction Codes and CRE: How they are Developed, Adopted, and Applied to CRE July 26, 2021 | By: Owen Kavanagh Codes are paramount to buildings and architecture. They guide and mandate what can and cannot be done when building, designing, and drafting architecture. But where do they come from? Codes are developed over many years, [...]
  • Advocacy CRE and the American Jobs Act and American Recovery Plan Webinar June 18, 2021 | By: Don Davis With new laws and budgets in progress at the federal level, there are multiple aspects of the bills that could impact the world of commercial real estate. In this webinar, Don Davis with BOMA International breaks down th [...]
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    2021 BOMA SRC, CRE Insight 365, ENERGY STAR® Month, Environmental Sustainability
    The Transforming of CRE through ESG April 15, 2021 | By: Eric Tilden, Rachel Schiftan, Lee Dunfee Environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals are becoming larger considerations for many properties and organizations. In this educational session recorded during the 2021 BOMA Southern Region Conference presented by [...]
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    2021 BOMA SRC, Advocacy, CRE Insight 365
    CRE Legislative and Regulatory Update April 8, 2021 | By: Don Davis In this video, Don Davis, BOMA International’s Vice President of Advocacy and Building Codes, provides an update on the current legislative and regulatory issues affecting the commercial real estate industry, as well a [...]
  • Advocacy, COVID-19, Webinars BOMA International’s Response to COVID-19 October 14, 2020 | By: John Bryant In this webinar, BOMA International's John Bryant reviews BOMA International's effort to support and protect members and the real estate industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. John reviews helpful resources, the work of [...]
  • Advocacy, Financial Management The Next Five Years: Taxes September 24, 2020 | By: Craig Benedetto When looking at the next five years for commercial real estate, principal with California Strategies Craig Benedetto is thinking about taxes. He talks about how taxes may be reduced or increased for commercial real estat [...]
  • Advocacy The First Steps of Advocacy-Craig Benedetto July 29, 2020 | By: Craig Benedetto Even when you have decided to make advocacy a priority in your professional life, it can be difficult to know where to start. Principal with California Strategies Craig Benedetto describes how to begin [...]
  • Advocacy Making Advocacy a Priority – Craig Benedetto July 1, 2020 | By: Craig Benedetto It can be difficult to find your place in the world of political advocacy. Craig Benedetto, a principal for California Strategies, talks about why commercial real estate professionals should make advocacy a priority and [...]
  • Advocacy State and Local Issues Facing CRE – Ken Rosenfeld November 4, 2019 | By: Ken Rosenfeld Ken Rosenfeld, director of state and local affairs at BOMA International, talks about identifying types policies that affect commercial real estate. Legislators can turn to commercial real estate and taxes to fill budget [...]
  • Advocacy, Professional Development The Impact of BOMA Involvement – John Bryant January 10, 2019 | By: John Bryant John Bryant talks about the importance and impact of BOMA Involvement. From giving to the BOMA International PAC to supporting grassroots advocacy initiatives, the defense and voice of the industry relies on committed co [...]

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