Prioritizing in a Crisis – Cynthia Mills

Healthy Buildings, Leadership, Soft Skills/Interpersonal

April 8, 2020 | By: Cynthia Mills

Sponsored by Parker Young Construction and FireStar, Inc. In this video, Cynthia Mills of The Leaders’ Haven advises leaders to be mindful of where they place their focus in a crisis because people will follow. There are some core priorities that leaders must mind when in a crisis. First, take care of people and their safety. Then, focus on core functions of the business because the elements that are most essential to your organization should have a higher priority. Leaders should communicate more frequently with their teams to help reduce stress levels and keep members informed. Finally, as leaders watch their team members and their operations on a daily basis to advise their strategy, they should also look for the opportunities that arise in response to crises like COVID-19.

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